The MacroRing works by increasing the extension of your lens. It moves your lens further from the sensorplane, and the front element closer to the subject. This change of the back focus lowers the MOD and the closer you can focus, the more magnification you get. You can easily mount it on any PL mount lens.

A 50mm UltraPrime for instance has a MOD of ca. 50cm and the magnification at this distance is 1:7.8. The MacroRing shifts this to ca. 25cm - which is half of it and doubles the magnification factor.

Technically speaking the magnification factor of a macro lens is > 1. With the MacroRing attached you can not focus to infinity. The MacroRing does not replace a real macro lens! It's more intended as tool the AC has in it's tool bag in the very likely case of unplanned close-up shots.


190,40 EUR, 19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs